The kitchen is the centre of the home and is the meeting point for the family. A good kitchen offers the family a spot to spend their leisure time to relax and socialise. Our company prides itself on providing its clients with the exact kitchen style of their desire regardless of their preference. Our kitchen styles range from the usual forms, the rustic and cosy kitchen designs.

Aquafix Bathroom Design is committed to making your dream come true and our prices accommodate for all budgets.

When installing a new kitchen, your options are almost limitless as you can adapt and include any feature of your choice. A kitchen requires a lot of storage spaces, and with our range of beautiful storage solutions, you will not only have ample storage space, but one that improves the looks of your kitchen. The modern kitchen installation will not only meet its requirements as a kitchen but also provide immense beauty for your house.

Our services include:

  • Building and installation of all cabinets
  • Installation and curving of decorative panels
  • Fitting and aligning door and drawer fronts
  • Fitting pelmets, cornices and plinths
  • Installation of kitchen appliances and accessories
  • Tilling, plastering, and flooring
  • Installation of worktops such as laminate tops

We have gained a lot of experience through the installation of many kitchens. Therefore you should have confidence that assigning us the task of installing your kitchen is one you will not regret.

Although we have a lot of experience in kitchen installations, your opinion remains the key point of guidance on how we achieve your vision. Our prices are transparent, and the quotation we give you covers the overall works of installation from electric, plumbing, cabinets, tilling, and any other installation task. At our friendly rates, we will carry out installations in your kitchen comprehensively cutting you huge costs involved with such construction.

Aquafix Bathroom Design are proud to provide all management needs that may concern installing accessories and fittings to your kitchen. Moreover, after we are through with the installation tasks, we make routine maintenance services to monitor the progress of your kitchen installations. We do not outsource for staff; our professional installers diligently carry out all of our installations including kitchen remodelling.

If you need the best kitchen installation that money can buy, contact us to book an appointment to your home, and get a no obligation quotation. We guarantee you an honest, committed and reliable advice.

If you need more detailed information concerning bespoke kitchen installation or want to contact us for installation, feel free to contact us via 020 388 332 09 or use the contact form to forward your enquiry.

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